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After graduating from medical school at the Angers University in 1975, Philippe Brenot started a cardiology residency at the Paris University Hospital (1977-1982) with a residency at Montreal Heart Institute - Canada during on year (1981). This was followed by a cardio-vascular radiology fellowship (1983 -1987) at Broussais hospital - Paris. In 1987, he joined the catheterization department of the Marie Lannelongue Hospital, sharing this activity with a cardiovascular radiologist position at the Cardiological center of Evecquemeont (private practice). In 2015, he joined the position of Director of the Therapeutic and Interventional Imaging Department at Marie Lannelongue Hospital – Paris Sud University, where he worked full-time.


Philippe's main interest is in cardiac and vascular interventions: coronary angioplasty, structural heart disease (TAVI, closure of the left atrium, endovascular treatment of pulmonary vein stenosis, percutaneous treatment of coronary artery fistulas ...), vascular interventions like angioplasty, percutaneous treatment of thromboembolic diseases, embolizations (bronchial, arterio-venous malformations, hemostasis ...), both in children and adults.

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