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CCT Cardiology London Deanery 2012 

PhD Imperial College London, 2009 MRCP, London, 2003 

MBBS (hons) Imperial College London, 2000 

BSc (hons) Imperial College London, 1997 

Current Post Senior Research Fellow and Consultant Cardiologist Imperial College London (2012-present) 


1. Assessment of peripheral and central haemodynamics before and after renal sympathetic denervation Medtronic £179.396 (April 2014) 

2. DEFINE-FLAIR Volcano £4.3million (November 2013) 

3. Impact of renal denervation on symptomatology, chemoreflex, baroreflex cardiopulmonary exercise physiology and cardiac performance in patients with chronic heart failure compared with sham procedure. Medtronic £570,742 (May, 2012) 

4. Non-invasive Coronary Physiological Reserve to Determine the Physiological Significance of Aortic Stenosis Grant MRC £195,324 (G1100443, 2011) 

5. Assessment of the acute and long term benefits of percutaneous aortic valve replacement on coronary haemodynamics British Heart Foundation £127,953 (PG/11/53/28991, 2011) 

6. Ischaemia-induced electromechnical delay for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease. British Heart Foundation £139,000 (FS/11/46/28861, 2011) 

7. Development of a new technique for assessment of severity of coronary stenosis in the cardiac catheter laboratory. Principal Investigator, Biomedical Research Council £440,000 (P33430, 2010) 

8. Systematic Assessment of Competitive Flow within Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts by Wave Intensity Analysis. Medical Research Council £135044 (G1000357, 2010) 

9. To treat or not to treat? Which coronary narrowing deserves a stent? ICNHT £24996 (2010) 

10. Acute haemodynamic changes occuring following percutaneous aortic valve replacement Edwards Lifesciences £50000 (2010) 

11. A new scanning technique to diagnose obstruction in the arteries of the heart ICHNT £55834 (2010) 

12. Development of the next generation of coronary physiological assessment tools to overcome the limitations of conventional fractional flow reserve. Principal Investigator, Wellcome Trust £29,059 (2010) 

13. “Wave Intensity Analysis – A new approach to coronary haemodynamics”. British Heart Foundation Junior Research Fellowship (FS/05/006, 2005) 

14. “The effect of regional ventricular dysfunction on coronary artery haemodynamics”. British Heart Foundation – Junior Research Fellowship (FS/05/034, 2005, co-wrote successful grant application) 


Patents (summary): 

1. Apparatus and method of assessing a narrowing in a fluid filled tube (PCT/GB2012/050024, January 2012) 

2. Devices, systems, and methods for assessing a vessel (PCT/US2012/051570, August 2012) 

3. Apparatus and method of characterising a narrowing in a fluid filled tube (PCT/GB2012/050015, January 2012) 

4. Devices, systems, and methods for visually depicting a vessel and evaluating treatment options (PCT/US2012/051566, August 2012) 

5. Method and apparatus for the measurement of a fluid flow restriction in a vessel (GB1003964.2, 2479340, March 2010). 

6. An apparatus and a method for programming a pacemaker (WO 2006/008535) (Jan 2006) 

7. Techniques for the use of spectral analysis to target catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation (A61B 5/046 (2006.01), A61N 1/36 (2006.01),Sept 2007) 


Prizes and Awards:

1. AHA Samuel Levine Young Investigator prize finalist 2010 

2. BCIS Young Investigator prize finalist 2010 

3. Medical Research Society Young Investigator prize finalise 2009 

4. British Hypertension Society Young Investigator Award (winner) 2008 

5. Career development award (winner) Artery 2007 

6. British Hypertension Society Young Investigator Award (winner) 2006 

7. Glaxo Smith Kline RSM Fellowship award 2006 

8. British Cardiac Society research workers’ prize finalist 2006 

9. Royal Society of Medicine President’s medal - runner-up 2006 

10. UK Bioscience Research and R&D Parliamentary Award 2006 

11. BJCA - Young Investigator Award prize finalist 2006 

12. British Heart Foundation Junior Research Fellowship (FS/05/006) 2005 

13. Ledingham Prize for achievements in renal medicine 2002 

14. Honours in medical finals 2000 

15. Vandervall foundation award 1999 

16. Music Society Scholarship 1996 

17. Entrance Scholarship to Imperial College school of Medicine 1994 

18. Head of School, Rugby 1993 

19. Scholarship to Rugby School 1988 


Career History:

Specialist Registrar in Cardiology (ldn/007/257/n), St Mary’s Hospital (2008-09, 06-07) and Hemel Hempstead Hospital (2007-08) British Heart Foundation, Junior Research Fellow, International Centre for Circulatory Health, St Mary’s Hospital & Imperial College, London. (2003-06) 

Senior House Officer medical rotation, St Bartholomew and The Royal London Hospital, London. (2002-03) 

Senior House Officer (cardiology) and House Officer rotation, St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London. (2000-01) 

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