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A Comissão Organizadora tem a honra de anunciar Sanjay Sharma no CPC2018 

Sanjay Sharma is Professor of cardiology and head of research for the clinical and academic group at St George’s University of London and St George’s NHS Foundation trust. Leads a large tertiary inherited cardiac diseases program serving South East England to manage young patients with cardiomyopathy and ion channel diseases.


Professor Sharma is the director for the largest sports cardiology unit in the UK which is responsible for athletes with potentially serious cardiac diseases from the British premier soccer and rugby league, Lawn Tennis association and the English institute of sport. He is the cardiology advisor for the British rowing team, Sky cycling squad, the chairman for the expert cardiac committee for the football association, the medical director of the London marathon and was appointed as the lead cardiologist for the 2012 London Olympics.


Working with the charitable organisation, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) for the past 20 years, leads the largest cardiac screening programme in the UK for individuals aged 14-35 years old (over 20.000 individuals/year).  With CRY, he lobbied hard in Parliament and was contributed to chapter 8 of the National Service Framework in cardiology which is committed to cardiac disease in the young and a significantly large proportion of his research has been dedicated to saving young lives in the UK.


Professor Sharma was chairman of the ESC sports cardiology nucleus and congress programme committee member of the European Society of Cardiology in Preventive Cardiology.

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